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You will have many Frequently Asked Questions that you want answered. Access this FAQ to stay abreast of Fintech

When people think of FinTech, they often focus on startups, breaking into areas that banks and other legacy financial institutions have dominated. But we think about all the players in a larger FinTech ecosystem

The term can refer to startups, technology companies, or even legacy providers. The lines are blurring, and it’s getting harder to know where technology ends and financial services begin.
To increase the competitiveness of the rwanda financial sector and to take full advantage of fintech’s potential, the Rwanda should harmonize its regulatory and consumer protection framework. Thus, both banks and startups and technology companies providing financial services will be able to compete according to the same rules, something that is currently not happening. This would allow Rwanda financial service providers to, for example, attract talent and adopt new technologies.
To start your own bank, insurance company or private equity company is virtually impossible but has now become a possible reality of sorts. While the barriers to entry remain high and the veteran banking companies are controlling global finances and making huge profits for themselves and others, a new market is emerging.
Technological innovation fuelled by a more connected society, availability of information and the ability to acquire and analyse big data. This is not only fuelling alternative finance start-ups, but helping traditional players deliver better customer insight and experience; and finally
Fintech startup is what often comes to mind when thinking about this sector. This industry is, relatively speaking, the new kid on the block when compared to a financial services system that has existed in the same form for hundreds of years.