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MobiCash is a financial transaction platform (banking and payment) and around it there are many opportunities to define and integrate value added services (VAS) like agent banking, money-remittance, merchant payment, social grants, salary bulk payment, e-commerce, lottery, micro-insurance, e-tickets, airtime, tax collection, etc… Read More .


DPO enables businesses in Rwanda to grow. By Integrating DPO’s payment solution, merchants in Rwanda provide their customers with the best end user payment experience both online and offline. Read More .


AC Group Ltd is a Rwandan tech company providing smart transport solutions. Since 2015, we've changed payments on all public buses in Kigali to smart payments known as Tap&Go and introduced WiFi on all buses. Read More .


Gahima Communication Ltd (GCom) is a company engaged in the provision of Information Technology services including but not limited to aggregation services. Read More .


Blockbonds AS announces today that in addition to the current features, users will now be able to purchase airtime in Rwanda directly from the SPENN app. Read More .


Simply flag down a YEGOMOTO, tell the Driver where to go, hop on, and be on your way! Read More .


Khenz Ltd is a Rwandan software company that fosters safety and convenience for travellers as a trusted, intelligent partner. Read More .

PASCAL Technology

We offer the unique, reliable, easy to use products and services that suit the needs of tomorrow today, which also allow all our current and future customers to get in to more advanced technology in time. Read More .



From our motto, GO "enter the digital world", we focus on building online presence of data, through the online management for small and medium business, using our own #GOConnect Content Management System.Read More .


BBOXX designs, manufactures, distributes and finances innovative plug & play solar systems to improve access to energy across Africa and the developing world. More than 150,000 BBOXX products have been sold in more than 35 countries, improving the lives of nearly 1 million people. Read More .


BeneFactors Ltd. is a Rwandan factoring company, providing tailored working capital solutions to firms. Factoring is a financial service, where future payments from your buyers are sold to a third party, the factor for cash. Read More .


InfoCorp is a blockchain technology company that combines FinTech and AgriTech in solving the financial inclusion problem. Read More .


Ignite Power is the fastest-growing Pan-African developer and financier of solar solutions, providing governments with a nationwide-scale deployment of electrification projects. Read More .


More than 1 billion people live off the grid and have no access to electricity at home. We have been at the forefront of changing that for almost a decade with our innovative and trusted Solar Home Systems. Read More .